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Boosting investment in Europe's Energy Infrastructures

Energy Briefing

The European Energy landscape is facing significant transformations both inside and outside its borders. Ambitious goals such as the completion of the Single European Energy Market or commitment to decabonisation are only some of the key issues to tackle in order to meet the 2030 climate and energy policy framework. In turn, European energy markets and industries are exposed to unprecedented challenges which derive from these targets. The latter do not only impact the energy bills of consumers, but also create critical uncertainties for investors in the sector.


Given all the great challenges ahead, President Juncker has made clear his intention to give priority for the coming years to the construction of a resilient Energy Union with a forward looking climate change policy.  In October 2014, and as a part of Connecting Europe Facility programme, Member States agreed to allocate €647 million to support key priority energy infrastructure projects; including the co-financing of innovative technologies in electricity.  However, to enable free flows of electricity within the EU; barriers remain since the market design and the framework for infrastructure investments proposed by the European Commission does not look sufficient enough.


The most serious hurdles concern not only the electricity transportation but also the policy and infrastructure design. This timely conference seeks to encourage discussions on the current electricity infrastructures debate by gathering key energy stakeholders to give them the opportunity to share knowledge and best practices . Boosting investment in Europe's Energy Infrastructures conference aims at exploring solutions to ensure competitive and sustainable energy goals; and to tackle investment challenges and barriers in energy infrastructures.


Wednesday 16 September 2015
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