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Intellectual Property in the global Automotive Industry



8.30 – 10.30 : Volvo Cars Factory Tour (timing TBC)


11.00 -11.10 Welcome Speech: Raymond Millien, Vice President and Chief IP Counsel, Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars' interest and stance as a strong stakeholder in the industry.


11.10 - 12.00  Strategic end-to-end manufacturing approach: from conception to shared, connected, green and autonomous vehicles

The importance of Intellectual Property from preliminary industrial designs to intelligent road. Data ownership, Internet of Things in the assembly-line, standards settings in the future of automotive industry.

Alexander Fishkin, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary, Luminar Technology


12.00 - 13.30  Lunch break


13.30 – 14.20  Risks and opportunities for IP in a dramatic changing landscape.

Comparisons with the aerospace, telecommunications and IT sectors. Tactics from new entrants.

- Convergence of technologies
- Reverse-engineering, hybrid and dual technologies, spill-over from mature technologies.
- IP options on emerging technologies and expected technological breakthroughs
- Patent Risk Management and Controlling Litigation Costs
1. patent litigation dynamics,

2. processes, indicators and analytics for information-efficient and effective methods to respond to unexpected patent overtures,

3. mitigate patent risk through defensive patent aggregation and defense pools

4. early assessment procedures to reduce risk, increase control and communicate financial costs, measurements to build competitive advantage,

5. interface with financial planning and corporate risk management,

6. shift from a cost to a profit-centered IP in-house department

Peter L. Hoffman, Vice-President, Intellectual Property Management, The Boeing Company

Brian Hinman, Chief Intellectual Property Officer, AON


14.20 – 15.10  Internet of Things in the driver’s seat : Captor’s, Sensors, Connectivity, Predictive IA applied to automotive industries.

- New entrants and speed of technological advances
- Market changes and tectonic developments
- Consumer behavior and demographic shift
- Global perspective of IP in the automotive industry
- Identification of key IP conflicts and issues

Chris Storm, Legal Director, Emerging Technologies, UBER


15.10 – 15.30  Coffee break


15.30 – 16.20  In-house IP Management: A roaring landscape

New structures of governance, workflow organization of the IP stream. Tools for IP across the industry. New developments in patent analytics. Arbitration in Patent Portfolio.

- Best practices
- IP software and platform providers
- Business Cases
- How to do more with less (budget)?

Christophe Vougny, Group Intellectual Property Director, Faurecia


16.20 – 17.10  OEMs and suppliers: practices and strategies in the automotive industry. New developments and efficiencies. Reaction to regulations and industry practices.

New manufacturing methods and additive technologies: which protection?
Issues on regulation : impact on IPR
Technology readiness level
Patent portfolio strengths: striving for high portfolio efficiency.


17.10 - 17.30    Roberta Romano-Götsch, Chief Operating Officer, Mobility and Mechatronics,  European Patent Office (TBC)




9.00 – 9.50  Data : barbarians at the gate ?

- IP and Data : blurred lines on protection
- Traceability and ownership
- How to leverage data assets and licence data

- Legal aspects of using open source software in proprietary products

Anna Maria Lagerqvist, Senior IP Counsel, Volvo Cars


9.50 – 10.40 FRAND & SEPs : Cross-industry standards 

- Litigation and dispute scenarios and strategies. Update on the court systems globally.

- Best patent application strategies, standards between cars, SEP Licensing
- Best practices and Essentiality checks
- Update on standard-essential patent licensing (SEP) and FRAND in the industry
- Benchmark from other industries (Telecoms, Fast-Moving Consumers Goods)


10.40 – 11.00 : Coffee break


11.00 – 11.50 IP Valuation: Recent M&A deals and JV activities. Organic and cross border inorganic growth strategies in the automotive industries.

- Methodologies and Best Practices
- Key skills needed for IP teams
- Intangible and tangible assets : evaluation and assessment
- Post-merger acquisition process


11.50 – 12.40  Trademarks & Brands overview: new online marketplaces, evolution of distribution channels from B2B to B2C, lookalikes and counterfeiting

- Automotive brand TM squatting

- Lookalike vehicles in China

- Fight against counterfeit parts

- How clean is your dealer network

- Licensing and protecting your brand name

- Brand protection


12.40 – 14.10 Lunch break


14.10 – 15.00  Looking at the future: applications of augmented and mixed Reality for Automotive Stakeholders.

- New interfaces and interactions.
- Predictive IA for maintenance
- Beyond Marketing applications.  
- Software and hardware
- How can IP be reflected and applied in the technology?
- Use and business cases, market scenarios

Closing Remarks 



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