Intellectual Property in the global Automotive Industry

Welcome speech: 

Opening Address

Keynote introduction: Setting the automotive landscape. Volvo’s interest and stance as a

strong stakeholder in the industry. The importance of IP and forward speeches of the event’s

outcomes. Outlook from key global players including the U.S., China, Germany, France,

Korea and Japan.


Technology Focus: Automation, Electromobility and Connectivity. The trend of the

automobile and the industry.


In-house IP Management: New structures of governance, workflow organization of the IP

stream. Tools for IP across the industry. New developments in patent analytics.


Working with regulation: IP safety approval. Discussion of the rollout of fully autonomous

vehicles, infrastructure readiness, and bodies of jurisdiction.


OEMs and suppliers: practices and strategies in the automotive industry. New

developments and efficiencies. Reaction to regulations and industry practices.


Sustainable Development: Supplier code of conducts. IP management in the supply-chain

at all levels.


Risk and opportunity of IP in a changing landscape within the automotive industry.

Comparisons to the aerospace, telecommunications and IT sectors.


Cross-industry standards. Litigation and dispute scenarios and strategies. Update on the

court systems globally.


IP valuation: Recent M&A activities. Organic and inorganic growth strategies in the

automotive industries.


A Winning Portfolio: Building an effective, business-focused patent portfolio in a changing

environment. A discussion on IP portfolios: Open or Closed?


The Future pg Value and Recognition of Trademarks. Value of branding, unique-selling

propositions and consumer behavior. The impact on trademark strategies. Expanding the

brand name with new services and business models.


Greener Future: Is IP an incentive or an obstacle to the development of clean technologies

and their transfer to developing countries?


Data Management: Digital Twin and Digital Thread.


The Automotive Online Marketplaces: one-stop shop concept from new vehicles to

second-hand automotive parts. Ecommerce in the automotive industry. Distribution channel

evolution from B2B to B2C.


A Closer Look at Fleet Management: a business model worth patenting. Analysis of

investment and productivity.


The Connected Car: Communications and 5G technologies.


The Connected Car: Connectivity, GPS, on-board navigation systems.


Electromobility: Battery and Charging Stations. An update on the technology and



Applications of Augmented and Mixed Reality or Automotive Stakeholders.


Blockchain: Applications in the supply chain, manufacturing, financing, safety and security,

and after-market. Open plenary session and brainstorming of alternative applications:

thinking outside of the box.


Fast-track on Mobility: Integrated Transportation of the Future. The infrastructures needed

to make this a reality.


Full Service Mobility: From OEM to Service Providers.


Closing Speech

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Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 October 2019
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