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European Energy Forecast summit

2014 Outlook

A new global energy landscape is emerging.

Addressing energy and environment issues requires a very long term view; not just to 2030 but beyond to 2050 and even to the end of the century. How will factors such as demography human capital and economic growth drive energy demand in Europe and worldwide over the remainder of the 21st century? How could the world energy system fulfill these needs? We need a broad vision of what our future might look like. As part of this, Europe must meet the challenges arising from climate change while ensuring energy security of supply.


Long-term developments cannot be expected to follow  the same trajectory as past trends. This is why economic, energy and environmental policies must be debated at the highest level. Oil demand growth, radical upheaval in the natural gas market, developments in renewable power generation and energy efficiency will all play an influential part.


There will be plenty to debate at the first pan-European Energy Forecast Summit to be held on 5, 6 and 7 February 2014 at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Brussels. Through plenary sessions and workshops, more than 60 high profile speakers and 350 delegates will discuss topics such as energy supply, infrastructure financing. LNG, shale oil and gas, energy market integration, capacity mechanisms, storage technologies, smart grids and smart metering. Based on the success of Energy Forum and Conferences organized by Brussels and Paris-based think tank Premier Cercle™, this significant event will bring together influential Energy and Environment professionals from dozens of countries, with an expected 70% of attendees from the private corporate sector, besides European Commissioners, State ministers, legislators, judges, CEOs of large companies and in-house and law firm lawyers.


Over the years, Premier Cercle’s energy seminars have become the essential pan-European business platform for fruitful networking between energy professionals and for sharing field knowledge and best practices during structured sessions and networking opportunities.
This year, the content of the event will be enhanced further with position papers written by expert practitioners from among our partners, which will be circulated to all the delegates at the Summit. More networking sessions (an Outlook Dinner, Reception Gala, Closing Drink, etc.) will be introduced, alongside the latest technology designed to enhance proceedings.


We are looking forward to welcoming you to this unmissable event.


Thursday 6 and Friday 7 February 2014
Brussels, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel
Connie Hedegaard
Leonardo Bellodi
Marcin Korolec
Republic of Poland
Melchior Wathelet
Gouvernement belge
Dragomir Stoynev
Minister for Economy and Energy
Christof Rühl
Eirik Wærness
Jacques Vandermeiren
ELIA-50 Hertz
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