IP Finance 2014

IP: new pillar of corporate finance           

Premier Cercle, is teaming up with Institutional Investor Magazine and Managing Intellectual Property, to organize an unprecedented event on IP Finance that will showcase and discuss the best practices from companies which make the most of their immaterial assets and intangible capital.


This initiative comes from a double expertise, in Intellectual Property with one of the world’s foremost events on the topic for Fortune 500 companies and a leading source of information, and in Finance with high profile conferences covering all ranges of the CFO’s responsibilities and the unparalleled shrewdness of Institutional Investor Magazine. This cross-thinking led to the observation that, in today’s “knowledge economy” – after a century-long industrial revolution and a 30 year-long services economy – corporations are only beginning to tap into the potential of IP, and that the recent multi-billion dollar deals on patent portfolios and IP assets-backed financing have kicked-off a sustainable trend.


We believe this innovative approach on IP - as a new pillar of corporate finance - is a rising trend that will consolidate and give a definitive edge to those who apprehend it now.

Thursday 8 May 2014
New York Palace, New York City
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