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Intellectual Property in the global Automotive Industry

The automotive market is facing dramatic changes from connected, electric, shared and autonomous cars, and intellectual property is quickly moving up the corporate agenda.


Now more than ever before, patenting, brand protection, litigation, licensing and collaboration are vital not just for IP strategies, but also for corporate success in the wake of revolution in mobility, historic players, but also new comers are entering the playground.


For autonomous cars alone, 3.998 patents have been registered in 2017 against 992 in 2011, a 330% increase, out of which 32,8% comes from information technologies companies before automotive industry (29,3%), telecommunications companies (12,6%) and electric suppliers (12,1%).


Even from the aerospace and defense industries (Source E.P.O.), the 2016 statistics on motor vehicle production by country reveal that the leading car producing countries are China (28.1M), USA (12.2M) and Japan (9.2M), followed by Germany (6.0M), India (4.5M) and South Korea (4.2M).


France has a production of slightly over 2 million vehicles per year and Italy produces 1.1 million, among these countries, in 2016 production increased the most in China (by 14.5%) and decreased the most in South Korea (by -7.2%), whereas in 2017, India had the highest production growth (+ 5.83%) and the USA is the country with most decline in production (- 8.13%)


The focus on IP in the auto industry has intensified in many diverse areas. For example, the industry faces issues such as counterfeiting in their branding, while technological convergence means that patent protection and enforcement, licensing and collaboration have become more important than ever. One of the numerous new challenges is the entrance of new and non-traditional companies into the market, such as high-tech companies, that are developing extensive patent portfolios related both to traditional automobile manufacturing and emerging technologies. As in many other industries, the findings confirm that the automotive industry is seeing the activity of non-practicing entities (NPEs) rising.


Premier Cercle™, building on the success of the Airbus IP Seminar held in Toulouse at the Airbus Leadership University on IP issues from Aerospace and Defence industries will offer IP, R&T and IA professionals in the automotive and software industry a unique platform on which to learn, share best practice and discuss the latest strategies to exploit and protect their intellectual property and maintain a competitive advantage. 


The Automotive IP Seminar @ Volvo Cars headquarters will bring together in Sweden the leading IP experts from key players across the automotive industry at a time when patents, litigation, licensing, brand protection and collaboration are key.


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