Public Private Partnerships in Africa
Direct private investment in public water projects
Public Private Partnership’s in infrastructure development projects is a great tool for achieving sustainable development on the African continent. Designed as a complimentary relationship, the public sector’s lack of efficiency, resources and risk sharing with private sector’s expertise and financial investment seem to create unique synergies thorough partnerships.

However, the public private partnerships are born from complex contracts involving multiple partners that presume a combination of technical, judicial, social, political and financial aspects that are long and difficult to set up, especially in a challenging environment that the African continent represents.

The European Bank of Investment and European Commission together with AFD (Agence Française de Development – Proparco) and DEG (Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH), Development Bank of Southern Africa, Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa, are launching an initiative together with Premier Cercle™ and The Wall Street Journal Europe aiming to present the assessment of the first PPP’s concrete initiatives on the African continent.

• Is there a model for African PPP’s?
• PPP’s, issues of a work in progress system.
• How to reduce risks and have a fair share? How to involve the private local sector?
• and The critical role of regulatory instruments… are some of the topics that will be discussed at the PPPPi Summit on the 30th November 2007 in Brussels by the major stake holders that concern the African continent PPP infrastructure development.

The Brussels conference is the staging point of an African tour, with a first focus on water. Designed as a 5 year project, the Pan-African series will tour the continent in order to get realistic directions and down-to-earth conclusions for an African sustained development and will assess tangible results and matter-of-facts conclusions by the major public and private players at stake in water, energy, infrastructure and telecommunications projects.

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Friday 30 November 2007
Palais d'Egmont, Brussels
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