Panafrican Public Private Partnerships
Focus on financing of PPP projects
Facilitating the trade of landlocked countries should be a priority for the African continent although building transport corridors, electricity networks, ports and storage facilities is a huge challenge that governments can’t overcome on their own. Complex arrangements and contracts that guarantee and secure cash flows make PPPs prime candidates for financing these projects and ensure a fast and sustained development of the continent.

Is there a model for African PPPs? How to build feasible projects? Which legal framework? Facing the growing demand for finance and connecting the local financial market. How to involve the private sector? Will SMEs benefit from it? PPPs and Black Economic Empowerment…

To try and answer these many questions, Premier Cercle is holding a conference in Johannesburg on the 31st of October 2008 with an efficient panel of politicians, CEOs, lawyers, bankers, economists, and representatives of corporations.

This conference is only the staging point of an African tour. Designed as a 5 year project, the Pan-African Public Private Partnerships series will then tour the continent in order to get realistic directions and down-to-earth conclusions from many other capital cities. We expect matter of facts conclusions by the major public and private players at stake.

Friday 31 October 2008
at IDC Head Quarters, Johannesbourg
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