General conditions of sale

Premier Cercle™ is an approved organization in the field of professional training, number 11780759478.

Any order accepted involves the full, entire acceptance of the present general conditions and that of the particular conditions, which shall prevail over any conditions of sale (printed form), for each service below in the absence of a formal, express waiver on Premier Cercle’s part.

Premier Cercle™ may be required, from time to time, to amend these conditions. In using this site subsequent to any modification of this type, clients agree to comply and be bound by the terms thus modified.


Premier Cercle organizes conferences of various kinds that may take place over a morning (Executive Briefings), one or two days (Conference), or even over several days (Summit or Forum), referred to below as «the Events».


The prices are given in euros excluding tax and shall therefore be increased by VAT at the rate in force on the date of signature.

The charges are flat-rate and include the following, depending on the service chosen:
- Executive Briefings: teaching documentation, press reviews, breakfast, summary of the discussions.
- Conferences, Forums, or Summits: teaching documentation, press reviews, coffee breaks, summaries, memory sticks, lunch, depending on the nature of the Event.

The clients may benefit from discounted tariffs as specified on the registration forms for each Event, linked particularly to the registration date and number of delegates.


On receipt of the order by the client, formalized by returning a completed registration form, dated and signed, either by post, or by fax, or else formalized by registration on the Premier Cercle premises, the latter shall send the client an invoice in two copies. The invoice sent by Premier Cercle to the client stands as a training agreement for the Event (whatever the selected event format may be). It is up to the client to check on the correct allocation of the latter.

For companies based outside France and placing orders, the invoices shall not be liable to French VAT by application of the provisions of article 259-B of the General Tax Code.


Payment of the price is to be made on registration, in cash, without discount, by cheque, bank card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express), bank transfer or secure C.I.C. payment when registration takes place online, with the exception of local authorities which, in accordance with the rules on public accounts, pay after the service has been provided.

Any payment made after the due dates given on the invoices shall give rise to penalties for delay equivalent to 1.5% the current legal interest rate. If this rate should become contrary to legislation, Premier Cercle shall then apply the rate emerging from the legislation in force.

Furthermore, any referral of the matter to the legal debt recovery department shall lead to the invoicing of administrative costs corresponding to 5% of the amount outstanding subject to a minimum of 50 euros excluding tax.


Replacements for participants may be accepted at any moment, at no charge, when the names and contact details of the replacement are provided: the latter must in any case be an employee of the client.

Cancellations can only be accepted in writing and must be sent by registered post with recorded delivery for the attention of the Customer Relationship Service of Premier Cercle ™. The date of delivery will be taken as the date of cancellation. For any cancellation made up to 11 working days before the Event is to be held, the charge applied shall be 100 euros excluding tax per Event. For any cancellation made 10 working days in advance, the amount invoiced shall be owed in full.


A participant who is a private individual, or, as the case may be, his employer, undertakes to protect Premier Cercle against physical damage or personal injury, material or non-material, direct or indirect, likely to be caused by his actions or those of his agents to Premier Cercle or any third party, participants, players, partners, hotel or venue hosting the Event. The employer and/or the participant undertakes to take out the corresponding insurance policies for the duration of the Events containing clauses on the waiver of redress, so that Premier Cercle will not be troubled in this respect.


The client undertakes not to reproduce, directly or indirectly, wholly or in part, adapt, modify, translate, represent, market or distribute to members of his staff not taking part in Premier Cercle Events or to third parties the supports of the teaching documentation distributed to the participants without the express prior consent of Premier Cercle.


If the number of participants in an Event is deemed insufficient in terms of quality, Premier Cercle reserves the right to cancel it, at the latest 10 working days before the date set for holding the Event. Any registration fees paid in advance shall then be refunded at the client's request. Otherwise, a credit note shall be issued.