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A comprehensive approach of potential disruptive innovations along with the food chain

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The coming century will face the effects of the largest population explosion in mankind history. Facts and figures are already well known: according to the FAO, by 2050, the world population will grow from 6.4 to 9 billion people. In the meantime, the needs and demands for food will increase proportionately at least. If current patterns persist, 70% more food will need to be produced globally, while at the same time climate change will disturb the satisfaction of these basic needs.

Challenges concerning the future of our food system require rethinking the traditional approaches of the food chain by going beyond the classical sector approaches that divide up the debate.

The creation of the Food Innovation Summit is the result of this dual commitment:  presenting the most promising field of disruptive innovations in order to revolutionise the food chain within a comprehensive approach from farm to fork.
Through 4 plenary sessions and 12 workshops, more than 60 high profile speakers and 250 delegates will present their vision of the future of our food production system but also their first concrete products and innovative solutions.

Do you want to have a clear, concrete and global overview of what can be the future of food production? Do you want to discover new projects and talents that will draw the future of food consumption? Do you want to discuss in a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere with representatives of large companies and most innovative start-ups coming from more than 20 different countries? 

Thus, do no hesitate to register for the Food Innovation Summit.