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Building up a dynamic
infrastructure for Europe

Intellectual property challenges, pitfalls and opportunities in creating the world's most competitive knowledge-based economy

The Paneuropean IP Summit

We are very proud to present a unique European intellectual property event. For the first time ever in public, senior figures from industry, the European Commission, patent and trademark offices, the legal profession and the investment community will meet in Brussels, from 2nd to 3rd December 2004, to discuss how Europe can create an IP infrastructure that will facilitate the Commission's stated goal of making the EU the world's leading knowledge-based economy by 2010.

This event is a follow-up to a major international conference held in Paris on 6th and 7th October 2003 ( that brought together more than 500 delegates who were professionals from the five IP families: industry decision-makers, patent attorneys, lawyers, administrators and law makers.

Supported from its inception by the various Directorate Generals of the European Commission involved in the process of creating a coherent IP infrastructure for Europe, the summit is promoted by a coalition of independent information-providers: Premier Cercle (Paris), Intellectual Asset Management magazine (London) and The Wall Street Journal Europe (Brussels) with a single goal: to foster a pan-European debate on the future of intellectual property within an enlarged and diversified Europe.

We would like to involve you and your organisation in this initiative in order to initiate a democratic debate on the various issues affecting Europe's intellectual property decision-making process. Why? In March 2000, the European Council in Lisbon set out a 10-year strategy to make the EU the world's most dynamic and competitive knowledge-based economy. To reach this goal by 2010, Europe must have a fully functioning and supportive IP infrastructure in place. The Brussels summit will allow the various stakeholders in this system to come together to discuss what has so far been achieved and what more is left to do.

Two main pillars will drive this pivotal exchange of views:



Consequently, the following subjects will be tackled:

  1. the IP/competition interface (including discussion of the new Technology Transfer Block Exemption rules)
  2. the proposed Community patent and cross-border patent litigation in Europe
  3. the European Patent Office — specifically how it works and whether it needs to be reformed
  4. protecting software innovation in Europe — the Software Directive and beyond
  5. the Community trademark — a European success story
  6. the role of the European Court of Justice
  7. IP management strategies inside European companies — does Europe "get it"? What can be learned from the US?
  8. the role of Europe's universities — what is being done in different parts of the continent? What more can be done? How can the Commission and national governments encourage a greater industry/academic/investor interface?
  9. the role of the investment community — creating an infrastructure for sustained investment in IP-based businesses
  10. The European decision making process — how it works and how industry can affect it?

In all of these areas, the most senior figures from industry, the Commission, private practice, the judiciary, patent and trademark offices and the investment community will speak. Such high-level representation will ensure a series of top-level and constructive debates. In addition, slots have been created around specific industries. These will examine whether the IP climate in Europe is conducive to companies working in these sectors and, if not, what needs to be done to make sure that things change.

We hope sincerely that you will provide your input as we seek to discover whether Europe has so far got IP right!

To be informed of the latest developments relating to the summit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Patrice Cros - Managing Director

A Pan-European Mock Trial
Keynote Speakers
The Paneuropean Intellectual Property Summit: meet representatives from the European Commission, European Courts of Justice and Leading Industries.

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