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Premier Cercle, in association with The Wall Street Journal Europe, European Voice and Managing Intellectual Property, is introducing the third pan-European Intellectual Property Summit at the Sheraton Brussels on December 4-5, 2008.

If Intellectual Property is your gold, should you invest it in stocks or save it into bank? Probably both, depending on your strategy and the amount of rights you currently own. But wait : you need to have IP assets first, and you must protect these from the various threats of theft, counterfeiting & piracy, stiff competition, devaluation, trolls abuses, etc.

To take the appropriate actions, you may count only on existing regulations. Provided it is patents on a pan-European or international scale, registering your rights will be costly and a slow process during which you will fear every day the menace of your submission being rejected somewhere on the map. Once accepted, the difficult part is yet to come. Thieves will show up soon, and coping with the different judicial systems is not going to be very practical.

Fortunately, you can learn smart ways to better use the existing systems. You can also help building a better future, with more efficient regulations and smoother procedures. For the best in both worlds, we are introducing the third pan-European Intellectual Property Summit in Brussels on December 4-5, 2008, as the largest IP-related event in Europe. Beyond integrated aims to feed the debate on future reforms and provide the most significant best practices through selected case studies, we will assist the IP community in researching appropriated answers to the following questions in 2008.

What should you know about the harmonization of patent systems in Europe and worldwide for your company?
How can you prevent counterfeiting and piracy to eat your market shares, and kill your business?
How to reduce the costs, delays and mistakes resulting from the bulk in national and trans-national offices
What can be learned from the recent tentative of US patent reform?
How to boost your IP assets, using due diligence, valuation, licensing, acquisition & divestiture techniques
Sell IP, or give it for free: which policies should Europe and UN achieve towards the developing world?
Are domain names following a dangerous road of complexification? How to solve the arising issues?
Which practices are best suited to your industry: biotech, nano machines, aerospace, consumer products…?

Accept no imitations & expect no limitations. This is how the one and only one IP Summit has built up its reputation as the still unrivalled leading forum in Europe over the past 6 years, covering the broad base of topics ahead the future of IP reforms.

With more than 50 high level plenary sessions, innovative expert panels, and exciting networking events, all packed in two days, don’t miss such an opportunity to refine your strategies, explore better ways to manage your IPR portfolio, meet the right representative to solve your problem, or simply participate in the most outstanding debates ever held in the IP world.

Patrice Cros
Chief Executive Officer
Premier Cercle

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