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Countdown D - -3606


Gala Reception
at the Brussels Courthouse

source: Ch. Brissa \ Wikimedia Commons

"I searched on the slab, in the hall of the lost footsteps": That's how Maxime Le Forestier, the half-French, half-English singer debuts one of his songs, La Salle des Pas Perdus, authored by him in 1983.

Halls of the lost footsteps are places known from many judges, attorneys and legislators. For those unfamiliar with the term, it is where the audience is waiting during jury deliberations, or votes counting. In this practice, the Brussels Courthouse, a magistral piece of eclectic architecture situated place Polaert, of the name of its talented builder, does not make any exception.

Unlike other such halls of the same functional attributes, the one you can find at the heart of the Belgian capital has something very special in its theatrical aspect. Dramas are playing behind its columns of many different styles: corinthian, toscan, ionian, doric, composite, etc.

Its huge dimensions, with a diameter of 94,5m (310 ft.), are only challenged by its large stair of 82m (270 ft.). Lift the eyes to the ceiling and you will see a dome at 80m (262 ft.), closing in on vertiginous perspectives.

So, what would you search on its slab? Above inspiration, possibly the spirit of invention. The Brussels Courthouse is truly unique in its architectural genre, neither inspired, nor copied. A true paradigm of intellectual property will host the IP Summit 2008 Gala Reception on Thursday December 4, after the first of two days of animated debates.

Deliberations will start at 8 pm. Who will you meet? What opportunities will you trigger during this outstanding occasion? Also, who will be the IP Woman of the Year? Don't miss the verdict.

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