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Patrice Cros
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Bérengère Delescluse

Building on the successes
of the former IP and
Competition Summits
Premier Cercle™ is proud
to bring you the 
IP Week / Patent Fair

IIP Week & Patent Fair > 2011

‘ACTA will address large-scale IPR infringements and won’t lead to the limitation of civil liberties’
An interview of Luc Pierre Devigne, Head of Unit Public Procurement, IP in the Trade DG of the European Commission.
IP Summit Newsletter – 16 July 2010

The proposal for a simplified resolution mechanism may not be sufficient
An interview of Audrey Yayon-Dauvet, Group Intellectual Property Director, Pernod Ricard.
IP Summit Newsletter – 31 August 2010

GRUR Annual Meeting 2010 in Hamburg, Germany, 15-18 September 2010:
Save the date and join your German IP colleagues at this year’s Annual Meeting of the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property!
For over 50 years GRUR´s Annual Meeting has been the most popular and constant German IP event, bringing together over 700 German and European IP experts every year. The event that will be held in German and English language covers all areas of intellectual property with particular focus on scientific, in-depth discussions of topical IP-related issues and offers an intensive, high-level review of the latest developments in German and European IP law as well as visionary outlooks on relevant topics for the coming year.
Please visit www.grur.de/en/appointments/annual-meetings/

Competition 2009
Competition Summit pushes boundaries of Antitrust and Merger debate in Brussels.
Brussels – 27 November 2009

What will be the Future of IP in Europe?
A successful community patent, an efficient framework against counterfeiting, better relationships between offices… What are your best wishes for IP in 2009? We have asked 30 IP leaders amongst speakers and delegates of the IP Summit 2008.
Brussels – 15 December 2008

IP Summit 2008 (Results)
IP Summit survey shows strong support for Community Patent.
Brussels – 15 December 2008

Results of the Delegates’ Surveys
IP Summit 2008’s live electronic opinion surveys about patent and trademark reforms: results presented in charts and pies.
Brussels – 15 December 2008
Download (PDF)

IP Summit 2008 (kick-off)
Government Ministers and industry leaders debate intellectual property at summit in Brussels.
Brussels – 2 December 2008

IP Offices in Europe
‘In a number of countries, offices are not financially independent’
An interview of Tove Graulund, former Chairman of Marques and Partner at Zacco.
IP Summit Newsletter – 30 October 2008

IP Incubating
‘Investing in technology’s core value drivers —patents and inventor’s know-how’
An interview of Guido von Scheffer, Director Public Affairs at IPB AG.
IP Summit Newsletter – 18 October 2008

IPR Portfolio Management
‘The heroes of portfolio thought leadership are really action leaders’
An interview of Andy Gibbs, Chairman & CEO at PatentCafe.
IP Summit Newsletter – 10 September 2008

Custom Domain Names
‘Companies should secure their key brands in appropriate countries and local languages’
An interview of David Taylor, Partner at Lovells LLP.
IP Summit Newsletter – 28 July 2008

IP in the Financial Sector
‘Many of the patents filed by major institutions were outside the US’
An interview of Robin Fry, Partner at Beachcroft LLP.
IP Summit Newsletter – 10 July 2008

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> To become Partner: Patrice Cros (Brussels), pc@premiercercle.com
> For information about the programme: François Morel (Paris), fm@premiercercle.com
> To register one or more delegates: Bérengère Delescluse (Brussels), bd@premiercercle.com

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