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Regenerating Trademarks
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Patrice Cros
Anne Verron
Bérengère Delescluse

IP Summit
IP Summit
IP Summit
IP Summit
IP Summit
IP Summit


After Patent protection and business, that will be dealt with in Brussels on 6 and 7 December 2012, and in partnership with the Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), the 5th Pan-European IP Summit will focus on Trademarks & Enforcement during two full days in ALICANTE, the City of Light, on 10 and 11 December 2012.

With its usual perfect mix of Keynote speeches, Plenary sessions and workshops, the IP Summit Trademarks will REGENERATE your vision and practice of trade marks and, hopefully, help to regenerate the trade mark system itself.

Thanks to a tailor made social programme, you will also get to know Alicante better: la Ciudad de la Luz has the most wonderful Mediterranean light and its web of SMEs from different industries (gastronomy, toys, shoes, etc.) makes it a lively city, where culture and architecture play a prominent role.

Workshops: 6 Keynote and Plenary sessions, 9 streams, 21 workshops
Angle: the Premier Cercle model: business-focused, horizontal / vertical topics, benchmarks and case studies

Keynote and Plenary topics to:
draw perspectives for the future of EU Trade marks,
envisage them in their global economic context
(Looking ahead: Industrial Policy, Innovation & IP),
think business (Creative Brand Strategies, IP to Boost Trade & Investment),
address the essential challenge of the online environment

Don’t miss a chance to know everything
about the future of your trade marks

Contact us!
> To become Partner: Patrice Cros (Brussels),
> For information about the programme: Anne Verron (Brussels),
> To register one or more delegates: Bérengère Delescluse (Brussels),