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Brussels IP 2012
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Hoyng Monégier LLP
About Hoyng Monegier LLP

Hoyng Monegier is the first and only European IP Law Boutique of its kind, with offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid and Paris. We aim to be the best, offering first class service and advice, with leading specialists in IP. We are dedicated to achieving innovative, practical and business-driven solutions and we pride ourselves in having extensive sector-knowledge. Our core practice consists of intellectual property litigation and advice work in all its forms, across all sectors and often played out in parallel in a number of different jurisdictions. Our lawyers are fully familiar with the procedural and practical aspects of European litigation in patents, trademark, copyright and new media. We also have experts that work on patent, trademark and design right advice and prosecution. We are creative not only in our approach to the law, but also in the way we do business with our clients.
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 \ \ \ \ \ \     S P O N S O R E D   B Y     \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \


Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

About Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

Kenyon & Kenyon LLP is one of the largest full-service intellectual property law firms in the United States, with offices in New York, Washington DC, and Silicon Valley. For our global and domestic clients, the firm provides litigation, prosecution, licensing and counseling services relating to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and related matters, such as unfair business and unfair trade practices. The firm has some of the preeminent intellectual property litigation partners in the country. Result-based annual surveys have placed Kenyon & Kenyon at the top of many lists including Managing Intellectual Property's World IP Survey, IP Law & Business's Patent Litigation Survey and National Law Journal's Top Verdicts of the Year. The firm has a worldwide clientele. We represent not only North American companies, but also European, Asian and other multinational companies in global intellectual property disputes.
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About Gevers

Supporting your innivation and creation strategy to put the highest value in your intellectual assets. Protecting, maintaining, managing, auditing and valorising your innovations : this is the mission of Gevers, based on over 110 years of experience. With Gevers, your innovations are made to last.
Gevers draws on the support of 9 offices in Belgium, France and Switzerland, 70 attorneys specialising in Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Designs, and around 110 paralegal personnel. Their skills and efficiency provide constant and solid support for a high-quality global service. Thanks to these values, Gevers is the worldwide leader in Community Trademarks since 1996 and the acknowledged leader for the IP market in the Benelux countries.
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 \ \ \ \ \ \     P A R T N E R S     \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \
About ACT

The Association for Competitive Technology (ACT AIBSL) is an international non-profit association based in Brussels. Focusing on the interests of small and mid-size entrepreneurial technology companies, ACT advocates for a “Healthy Tech Environment” that promotes innovation, competition and investment. ACT has been active on issues such as intellectual property, international trade, e-commerce, privacy, internet policy and antitrust. ACT represents more than 3,000 software developers, systems integrators, IT consulting and training firms, and e-businesses from around the world.
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About AIM

AIM is the European Brands Association. It represents the branded goods industries in Europe on key issues which affect the ability of brand manufacturers to design, distribute and market their brands. AIM’s membership groups 1800 brand manufacturers of all sizes, through corporate members and national associations in 21 countries. They employ some two million workers and account for over 350 billion Euro in annual sales in Europe alone. AIM's mission is to create for brands an environment of fair and vigorous competition, fostering innovation and guaranteeing maximum value to consumers now and for generations to come.


ANDEMA (Spanish Association for the Defence of Trademarks) aims at:
1. Promoting the defence of trademarks and to protect the general interests of brand owners.
2. Improving the legal framework of trademarks and of the different industrial property rights.
3. Disseminating studies on the various legal, economic and social aspects of trademarks and, particularly, on consumer perception of the Industrial Property Righst.
4. To inform the media about the positive impacts of trademarks and Industrial Property Rights on economy, trade, employment, innovation, advertising, tax collection and for health and consumers´safety with a view to raise the level of awareness in our society.
5. Transtiming what is the environment in wich our companies have to develop their activities to all institutions that legislate, protect and defend trademarks.

About Apram

The Association of Practitioners of Trade Mark and Design Law is an international French speaking association which brings together IP specialists, especially trademark and design specialists. Apram, with almost 800 members, including some 160 foreign members, who practice in all countries, was founded over 32 years ago and opens up its activities to all French speaking lawyers. Apram assembles lawyers specializing in IP law practicing either in-house or as IP counsel and outside lawyers.
Within the framework of its activities, Apram is frequently called upon to consider and provide input—at the request of organizations or institutions or on its own initiative—on different legal questions concerning IP. Apram is also a privileged partner of OHIM as a member of the Users Group of the OHIM.

About BMM

The Benelux Association of trademark and design law (BMM), specialists in intellectual property, is a professional association of legal experts. The members are all employed by patent and/or trademark offices, patent and trademark departments of large companies, in the legal profession and/or the (academic) education. BMM  promotes and guarantees the quality and expertise of its members, providing expert advice and guidance on registration and protection of trademarks and designs. BMM also guarantees the quality of member’s professional services by organizing professional training in French and Dutch.
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About ECTA

ECTA, the European Communities Trade Mark Association, was formed in 1980. ECTA numbers approximately 1.500 members, coming from the Member States of the European Union with associate members from all over the world. It brings together all those persons practising professionally in the Member States of the European Community in the field of trade marks, designs and related IP matters. These professionals are lawyers, trade mark advisors, trade mark attorneys, in-house counsel and others who can be considered specialist practitioners in these areas.
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About EuropBio

EuropaBio is the European Association for Bioindustries and was created in 1996 to provide a voice for the biotech industry in Europe. EuropaBio's mission is to promote an innovative and dynamic biotechnology-based industry in Europe.
We represent 56 corporate members and 14 associate members and BIO regions, and 19 national biotechnology associations who in turn represent some 1800 small and medium sized biotech companies in Europe. Members of EuropaBio are involved in research, development, testing, manufacturing and commercialisation of biotechnology products and processes. Our corporate members have a wide range of activities: human and animal health care, diagnostics, bio-informatics, chemicals, crop protection, agriculture, food and environmental products and services .
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About GRUR

GRUR, the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, was founded in 1891. It is the largest and oldest non-profit association in Germany devoted to the protection, academic advancement and development of intellectual property law.
With over 5,100 members coming from 46 nations, GRUR offers an umbrella for a wide range of professionals engaged in the field of IP matters: lawyers, patent attorneys, judges, academics, representatives and staff members of the German and European trademark and patent authorities and of the international organisations as well as enterprises, associations and their respective staff members
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Grur Annual Meeting
About GRUR Annual Meeting 2012 ● 26-29 September ● Frankfurt am Main ● Germany

Meet your German IP colleagues at this year’s Annual Meeting of the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property.
 The event is the most constant and popular German IP event, bringing together over 700 IP experts from 30+ nations. It covers all areas of intellectual property with particular focus on scientific, in-depth discussion and offers an intensive, high-level review of the latest developments in German and European IP law as well as visionary outlooks on relevant topics for the coming year.

About Unifab

Created in 1872, Union des Fabricants (Unifab) is the French association, recognized of public interest and representing more than 200 companies of all sector of activities, coming from innovation, tradition and creation; it also includes the main professional federations. Unifab promotes the protection of international intellectual property and fight against fakes using notably, lobbying in Europe, trainings (Custom-Police-Judge) and consumers’ awareness campaigns. Unifab also organizes every year, in February, the European Intellectual Property Forum in Paris.
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 \ \ \ \ \ \     M E D I A   P A R T N E R S     \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

About World IP Review

The World IP Review’s bi-monthly edition is dedicated to the needs of professionals involved in the management and protection of IP assets. It informs and educates IP owners and their international legal counsel and consultants of the latest strategies for managing, protecting and profiting from their increasingly valuable intellectual property.
Each issue of the World IP Review’s bi-monthly edition will contain unique interviews with some of the most prominent IP owners and in-house counsel. It will use a combination of articles and case studies to showcase business strategies. In addition, it will review case law and IP legislation worldwide.
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Managing IP
About Managing Intellectual Property

Managing Intellectual Property is a publication of Euromoney, a Publishing Group with more than 15 years’ experience reporting on the legal affairs of international business, making it the undisputed leader in the sector. In addition to publishing a journal specialising in industrial property and like matters (unfair competition, copyright), Managing Intellectual Property publishes a number of directories and contact guides listing the best firms in each country.
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About New Europe

New Europe, is the European weekly newspaper. NE reports on 49 countries in and around the European Union with a strong EU policy-making focus. With a 66,000 copy circulation in Europe, the diverse groups of NE’s readers come together to form a real power-base in the European making. In Brussels New Europe is delivered to all Members of the European Parliament, all Commissioners and their cabinets, and is made available to all European Parliament & Commission staff. NE readership includes embassies, universities, think-tanks, NGOs, companies and subscribing organisations.
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TopLegal International
About TopLegal International

TopLegal International, sister magazine of Italy’s TopLegal, is the first English-language monthly that connects commercial lawyers with the wider business community. The magazine, supported by TopLegal’s online news service, analyses the legal market with a special focus on Continental Europe. Each issue reports on the activity, strategy and financial performance of prominent law firms and explores the views of leading clients and the quality of external legal services.

IP Watch
About IP Watch

Intellectual Property Watch, based in Geneva, Switzerland, provides independent news and information on international intellectual property policymaking on an open access and subscriber basis. Our global network of professional journalists closely follows the issues and events that shape IP policy and law, bringing balanced reporting and analysis of these important stories as they unfold. IP-Watch publishes articles, outside expert opinions, briefs, translations and other features continuously on our website with notification via e-mail alert, RSS feed, Twitter and Facebook.
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Revue des marques
About La Revue des marques

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The Patent Lawyer Magazine
About Patent Lawyer Magazine

The Patent Lawyer Magazine is a special focus international legal publication that focuses solely on the patent industry, patent lawyers and patent law firms.
The magazine is packed full of information, special features, interviews, case comments, special country focus, patent litigation roundup, service provider focus, patent people moves, company press releases, recruitment, inventor section and a dedicated patent directory of services.
The aim of The Patent Lawyer Magazine is to fill the gap in the market for a dedicated magazine that exclusively focuses on patent law, patent lawyers, inventors and those specialist companies that provide patent related service.

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Premier Cercle
About Premier Cercle™

Premier Cercle™, in association with Managing Intellectual Property and World IP Review, is organizing the Pan-European Intellectual Property Summit every two years in Brussels. Since 2004, the IP Summit has become the most-sought after referral event in the field of Intellectual Property (patents, trademarks, designs and domain names) in Europe. This leading European congress features more than 35 plenary and workshop sessions covering a large variety of topics with speeches delivered by 150 high-level experts in front of more than 550 delegates.
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