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Social Networking Platform

Registered participants attending the pan-European Intellectual Property Summit 2012 are now leveraging a brand new and innovative feature that allows them to see the list of other participants and connect with a few chosen ones through Premier Cercle’s social networking platform.
What is exactly this “social networking platform”?
Since its first occurrence in 2004, the IP Summit provides opportunities for networking on welcome, gala and cocktail receptions, as well as through lunches and pauses.
This year in 2012, we extend the possibilities to an online platform for delegates to exchange their contact details in browsing through the list of other participants and making their choice of networked peers.
The selected persons will receive an invitation to share by e-mail their contact details, which they can either accept or decline. Every invitation can be customized with a personal message.
What are the main objectives of this platform?
Although quite simple in its most basic features, this platform can provide a good number of useful services to all the participants of the IP Summit.
Before the first day of the summit, it will allow you, for instance, to set one-to-one meetings at a known time and place in the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel or elsewhere in Brussels for the 6th or the 7th of December.
After the conferences will be held, it will provide you with a second chance to connect together with someone you haven’t had the time or opportunity to meet physically onsite.
Who can use this platform?
The participants who are allowed to use this platform are those who have registered by themselves using the various means we are offering (online and offline).
In addition, the platform can be accessed by participants who have been registered by our team, including official speakers, and guests from our sponsors.
Onsite registrants will be allowed access to the platform only after the end of the event.
How does it work?
If you are already registered to attend the IP Summit, you will automatically receive an e-mail informing you that you can now use the platform to make new contacts, by clicking on a personalized link.
If you are a newcomer, you must register first to attend the IP Summit. You will receive the e-mail informing you that you can now use the platform as soon as your registration will be complete.
The online interface grants you access to the whole list of participants, and allows you to search for any particular names of persons or companies related to your interests.
A coloured mark next to a person’s name indicates the status as if you have already invited her, and if she has returned a positive or negative answer. The exact significance of the colours is detailed on the interface itself.
As soon as you select someone’s name, you can extend an invitation to share both contact details, along with a personalized message. If this invitation is accepted, you will receive the contact details of your invitee by e-mail, while this person will receive your contact details in the same way.
Please note that you can contact up to three different persons during a given period of time.
Why can I contact only a limited number of persons?
The maximum number of contacts per participant is set at three per period. The first period is before the IP Summit (December 6 & 7, 2012). The counters will be reset after the event will have been held.
Participants of the IP Summit do include a large variety of persons who are interested in all matters related to Intellectual Property. In rare occurrences, it may happen that some delegates would be tempted to use the platform to target everyone listed with mass-mail opportunities for commercial offers, and it is our duty to protect our delegates against such misuse of the platform.
I’ve tried to contact a delegate but it doesn’t work… what may be the reason?
The most likely answer is that you have already tried to contact this person who has either already declined your invitation, or may have not returned an answer to your invitation yet.
Please note that we do our best for our e-mails to reach the intended recipients, but we cannot be held responsible if the contacted persons are equipped with a powerful anti-spam system with strong parameters.
I have questions related to the platform: who should I contact?
If you would like to submit improvements or simply ask questions related to the platform’s features, please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail at We will make sure to respond as soon as possible.

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> To become Partner: Patrice Cros (Brussels),
> For information about the programme: François Morel (Paris),
> To register one or more delegates: Bérengère Delescluse (Brussels),