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This is one word you want to hear when it comes to patents. It is also one of the concepts that have given life to the America Invents Act. On the legal and IP side, certainty means less bad patents which can get invalidated when they are brought to courts. On the business side, certainty adds value in raising attractiveness for potential buyers and licensors. So, whether you're planning to enter M&A deals or to enforce your rights, you need related patents to be appropriately asserted.

Now the bad news is that outside of a legal framework, uncertainty is nearly everywhere. First, the economic climate remains weak. Period. Second, the patent systems don't always live up to the expectations in many countries, including some of the BRICS which are attracting lots of investments. Sure the number of patent applications in China has risen by 33% last year, while the same index in Brazil and India has also grown by two-digit percentage figures. But do these systems provide the same level of confidence than in Europe and the U.S.? Which ones are safe havens? How can you work out solutions to protect your IP in these places? Let's hear what our speakers will have to say.

Third, uncertainty sometimes is also set within the legal framework, even in the most developed countries. Let's provide an example. Antitrust, which is a state function, generally tells that monopolies should be fought. Patents, which are also granted by states, are monopolies. What should be decided now? Reasonably, an appropriate balance must be sought. The IP Summit will be naturally open to such debates, in order to help resolve as much controversies as possible.


This is what your business needs right now. It is also what the European Commission has been promising since decades with what is now called the Unitary Patent. Efficiency means better productivity at lower costs, and this is exactly one of the drivers towards greater European competitiveness.

Although the European Unitary Patent has never been as close to completion as it is today, it may also never see the light of day. At best, if all goes well, the first applications could be made towards the end of the decade. Until then, this leaves corporate IP departments and small businesses with the existing patent systems, which are still running well after all.

Consequently, the fast track to patent efficiency resides - in fact - in rationalizing IP management and giving a major boost to IP exploitation. Doing so is not as easy as it seems. One must develop a vision, take wise decisions notably regarding valuation, monitor the assets portfolio, benchmark the competition, rethink processes, perform due diligences and audits, consider sometimes IP outsourcing, collaborative strategies such as Open Innovation, and know how to motivate the board members into integrating IP more tightly with corporate strategies.

Thanks to IP Summit's workshops, you will gain practical business advice over the course of dozens of testimonials from knowledgeable industry experts. Combined with networking experience, you will learn a lot of opportunities to reload your patents, and to add them more…


Certainty, efficiency and value: that's what the IP Summit 2012 will offer you this year. Should we add that it's worth registering now?

> To become Partner: Patrice Cros (Brussels),
> For information about the programme: François Morel (Paris),
> To register one or more delegates: Bérengère Delescluse (Brussels),