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Patrice Cros
François Morel
Corporate speakers (Brussels)
Anne Verron
Bérengère Delescluse

Building on the successes
of the former IP and
Competition Summits
Premier Cercle™ is proud
to bring you the 
IP Week / Patent Fair

IP Summit

IP Summit

IP Summit

IP Summit

IP Summit

IP Summit

IP Summit

Innovation is thriving in Europe but Europe is still trailing in IP. To promote growth the continent needs not only a new patent system but also practical initiatives with everything at hand to generate more business opportunities.

The new IP Week and Patent Fair marketplace must be this all-in-one event everyone is dreaming of. In offering seamless integration with high-level debates, the good old fair formula, and advanced social networking tools, this innovative IP Summit spin-off platform will bring together all IP families at the heart of an innovative blend of vertical and cross-industry challenges.
Agenda From Tuesday to Friday December 6 to 9, 2011.
IP in
IP in BRICS countries
6 December
7 December
8 December
9 December

R&D collaboration,
value co-creation,
internet platforms…

EU Patent, IP protection
strategies, trade secrets,
green tech, biotech patents …

IP exploitation, litigation,
M&As, valuation, collaborative IP, monetization…

Patent filing, software patenting, litigation, investment and IP, tax regimes and anti-counterfeiting strategies in Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa

Who should attend?

Management committees
CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Board Secretaries, planning and tax functions...

Legal departments
General Counsels, Law Firms, in-house Counsels for patents, trademarks, domains, copyrights…,

IP departments
CIPOs, Heads of Patents, Trademarks, Agents, IP Creation & Exploitation, Portfolio Managers...,

Research & development
CTOs, R&D Officers, Technology Transfer and Open Innovation specialists,

Strategy departments
Licensing and Business Development, Business Intelligence, Strategic Planning and M&A departments,

Marketing & brand
Managers responsible for Brand Valuation, Brand Awareness, and Brand Integrity (anti-counterfeiting)

EU/Government & regulatory
Legal Counsels, Policy Officers, Institutional Relations...

Who should exhibit?

European Commission, European Patent Office, WIPO, WCO-OMD, national IP offices, EU regions, R&D clusters...

Databases, Portfolio Management, Annuities, Search Engines, CMS/DMS, Business Intelligence,

IP Management Services
IP Consulting, Drafting, Searches, Filing in multiple countries, Translation, Outsourcing,

Litigation & Strategy
Attorney Firms, Investigators, Arbitration Centres, Strategy & Trade Consulting,

IP as an Asset Class
Valuation, Licensing and Royalties, Technology Transfer, Due Diligence, Brokerage, Financing, Monetization,

IP Owners
Corporate IP & Licensing Departments willing to commercialize their IP assets.

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